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Green Tea

Most of us have heard about the amazing health benefits of green tea weight loss. In addition to fighting cancer, heart disease, and other similar diseases, recent medical studies have demonstrated that regularly drinking it can significantly boost diet efforts.

A recent study showed that men who drank a cup of green tea or took a supplement or extract each day lost more weight than their study counterparts who didn't. They also were more successful at lowering their BMI's (body mass index), reducing waist sizes, and saw considerable drops in their LDL cholesterol levels (the bad kind of cholesterol).

So, what is the secret to the fat fighting success of the green tea diet? Medical researchers have discovered that it contains a substance called catechins. In clinical trials, catechins have been show to promote weight loss by stimulating and encouraging the body to burn more calories, and therefore, lose more body fat.

When green tea tablets are incorporated into a healthy diet and exercise program, the results can be astounding! Not only does it encourage your body to burn more calories, it increases your energy levels and boosts your metabolism.

With all of the amazing health benefits that green tea has to offer, why would you not want to make it a part of your daily diet? From extracts to dietary supplements to ready-to-drink teas, we offer a wide range of the best products found anywhere in the UK! As always, if you need assistance choosing the right product, our professional customer service staff will always be available to help.

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